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Spin Flash Dryer

Spin Flash Dryer System

Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers

Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers

We are Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers.There are most practical constant drying systems of consistent and non-consistent filter pressing cakes, this type of dryer can handle moisture content up to 20 – 70 %. As a direct drying process, materials are brought into contact of hot and dried air. This system made by Prochem Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd offers the advantages of very low labor and handling costs.

Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers, Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers, Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers, Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers

Spin Flash Drying Principles –

  • Spin Flash Drying is generally in line with uptight fluidized bed structure. A drying agitator works as rotor for the breaking lumps and hot air goes into reasonably elevated velocities for providing dynamic actions for disintegrating and drying the products.
  • Fresh air is taken to the hot air generator system after which can be directed to the drying the chambers is peripheral for providing whirling air suctions across the dryer.
  • Drying material is fed uniformly through the twin screw feeder to the drying chamber. The drying chamber has the rotor provided from bottom. The rotor is a specially made scrapper disintegrators and blades to break lumpy mass for smaller fragments.
  • The lumps which are broken using rotor start drying and also simultaneously disintegrate with the stream of hot air.
  • The airborne powder particles get persisted on top of the drying chambers that pass through the classifier that classifies it into required size. The particles with bigger diameters return to chambers, while fine travels with the air for final collection through retract pulse filters through which around 100% of powder recovery can be accomplished. Dried products are collected from bottom of the bag filter.
    Applications –
  • Pigments and dyestuffs
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Agro-chemicals Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Organic chemicals
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Food and feed products

Advantages –

  • Less Handling of material
  • Less space required
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy in operation / low Maintenance cost
  • Quality Consistency
  • Adjustable residency

Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers, Spin Flash Dryer System Manufacturers

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Prochem Systems ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
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Kalas(Vishrantwadi),Pune- 411015.

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