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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer System

Rotary dryer system manufacturers

The rotary dryer is one of the most common types of industrial dryer, it is a cylindrical shell usually constructed from steel plates, slightly inclined and is usually operated with a negative internal pressure to prevent dust escape. Large quantities of granular material up to particles of 10 mm or larger that are not too fragile or heat sensitive or cause any other solids handling problems are dried in rotary dryers.Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers

Solids introduced at the upper end through the feed hopper and screw feeder assembly, material start moving towards the lower or discharge end. Depending on the arrangement for the contact between the drying air and the solids, a dryer may be classified as direct or indirect, co-current or counter-current. Feed material lifting flights of various shapes is constructed inside the shell to shower the solids in order to ensure contact with the hot air. These flight configurations vary from spirals to straight flights depending upon the material to be dried.

Advantages Of The Rotary Dryer –

  • Large production capacity, continuous operation
  • Simple structure, easy to operate; less failure, low maintenance costs
  • A wide range of application, fluid resistance is small, you can use it to dry granule-like material, for those
  • Adhesion material, it is also very beneficial
  • Operating flexibility, production flow allows the product to have a greater fluctuation range, will not
  • Affect the quality of the product
  • Cleaning is easy

Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers

Applications of Rotary Dryer –
The Rotary dryer being the simple in structure adopts many peculiar characteristics material. Due to its structure, it offers versatility in applications and able to process virtually any type of solid, rotary dryers has been proven for over a century. These dependable machines are low maintenance, low power, and high efficiency. Available in counter-current flow or co-current flow, and direct heated, or indirect heated, rotary dryers are a great fit for nearly any industry.
With a potential for high capacities and material – specific customization, rotary dryers are ideal for
Agricultural materials, and have become a staple in fertilizer and other agricultural applications.
They are also typical in applications with minerals,
Concentrates, aggregates, chemicals, filtrates, clays and sands, municipal waste, industrial wastes and sludge, proppants, and limestone.

Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers, Rotary dryer system manufacturers

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