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Paddle Mixers

Paddle Mixers System

Paddle Mixers System Manufacturers

Paddle Mixers System Manufacturers

We are Paddle Mixers System Manufacturers. Paddle mixers are works on the principle of fluoridation, only the material is fluidized by the mechanical means i.e. paddles fitted on the shaft and configured with different paddle angels; it mixes materials by scooping, lifting and agitating them in a gentle way, but thorough mixing action. This range of mixer is widely used for mixing solids or liquids of different particle size, viscosity and density.Paddle Mixers System Manufacturers 
Plough shear mixer is designed the overlapping of shovels coupled with its shape and the high speed of the ploughs produces good mixing action and high turbulence
The paddle mixers are available with jacketed type and non jacketed type
Paddle Mixers are categorically divided in to two types depending upon complexity of the material to be mixed

Paddle Mixers System Manufacturers

  • Single paddle mixer
  • Twin paddle mixer (Plough Shear Mixer)

Salient Features combined paddle mixers  :

  • Mixing time very low
  • High shear action
  • Consistent mixing quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Effective outlet door facility
  • Custom built facility

Applications :

  • Foundry Fluxes
  • Mineral Industry
  • Powder Chemical mixing
  • Agro industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Fertilizers 

Industrial Reactors –
Reaction Vessel is one of the key equipment required for chemical, pigments food, drugs, dyes and allied industries. Prochem Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd offers various types of Reaction Vessels i.e. jacketed, Limpet coil in Body flange or Welded Types, top open Top dish type, reactor with solvent condensation system etc.
We manufacture Reaction Vessel with capacity ranging from 0.1 m3 litres to 50 m3 in Material of Construction Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel and rubber lined depending on the requirement of the Material to be processed. 

We have specialty in following :

  • Jacketed and non jacketed Agitator Reactor
  • High Pressure reactor with Solvent condensation system

Salient Features :

  • Excellent mixing ratio
  • Sturdy Drive assembly in case of Agitated Lenten assembly
  • Variable speed can be achieved
  • Requires Less maintenance
  • Easy operations
  • Operational feasible material outlet

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