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Paddle Dryer

Paddle Dryer System

paddle dryer system manufacturers

Paddle Dryer System Manufacturers

We are Paddle Dryer System Manufacturers.This is the proven technology for the Drying of the Pasty and sticky product, it is a type of Dryer used in Chemical, Textile, and petrochemical, minerals, food as well as pharmaceutical Industries.paddle dryer system manufacturers
These processes vary from drying, cooling, crystallizing and calcimining to melting, evaporating, solvents, etc.
The Product is fed into the front of the machine. The Trough is oriented at a small angle of inclination, Placed slightly in the unloading position. The product moves to the outlet as a result of gravity. The steam or Thermic fluid is injected through the Hollow shaft; the paddle is also hollow in construction due to which the drying of the material takes place instantaneously.Prochem Systems  India  Pvt. Ltd  Pune, Maharashtra, India- are quality industrial paddle dryer system manufacturers. paddle dryer system manufacturers

Application –

  • Chemical Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Pesticides and Pharmaceutical 

The features of the of Paddle Dryer are –

  • Simple in structure / operation
  • Excellent control of the retention time and Temperature.
  • uniform and consistent product quality
  • No drying air required to dry the product
  • Hardly any dust production due to the slow and steady drying process.
  • Residence time can be controlled easily.
  • Degradation of the material is avoided due to Precise control
  • Easy in handling and maintenance  paddle dryer system manufacturers
  • Less space required as compared to other dryers
  • Capacity vary from 100kg / Hr to 2000 kg /hr

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Prochem Systems ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
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